The other day I tried explaining to a 4 year old that “stupid” isn’t a bad word when used before “good”. She didn’t buy it.

Well, both these wines are stupid good. And you can buy them.

For your holiday table, one of my favorite rosés from renowned Aix en Provence (in one of my all time favorite bottles. Hence the 3 pics!). Also a perfect party gift.

And for dessert, a golden, honey-soaked, drooler. Sauternes from the 2016 vintage…

La Bargemone Cuvee Marina 2018 – $32
Why so much more $$ than most rosés? You’ll taste it. Elegance, texture, subtlety. From the very best vineyards in Aix en Provence. It’s got the same dry, refreshing steeliness we love from Provencal rosés, but with rounder, velvety edges, more complexity and more length. It’s simultaneously subtler and more luxurious. You’ll absolutely find fresh cut peaches and the faintest hint of spice from syrah and the rare addition of cabernet sauvignon (unique to Aix). Perfect with crab cakes (holiday brunch?!), quiche, sautéed vegetables. Try this!

Chateau Villefranche Sauternes 2016 – 375ml ($20)
To me Sauternes is magic elixir. It’s the wine equivalent of butterbeer. It’s too good. Sweet, elegant, exotic, racy and boozy all at the same time. Like drinking sunshine. So, yeah, I like Sauternes. It can get expensive, but this 2016 is drinking beautifully and affordably! Among its $20 peers, you can’t beat it. Absolutely dripping with honey. Orange marmalade is there. Lower acidity adds to the warmth and breadth as it coats the palate. Chill slightly before serving. Like 20 min in the fridge. If you have Roquefort or foie gras, great…otherwise pair this with apple pie a la mode. Or just drink it solo for dessert! Stupid good.