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Tom DuHamel

UI, UX. Work-in-progress on this entrepreneur, product designer, friendly contrarian, wine & food dork, investor person.

Tom's Wines

Existing wine e-commerce doesn't feature video, has slow checkout, and lacks device level notifications. I designed, built and launched an iOS/Android app that solves each problem.


I wanted to let trusted friends stay at my house, short term, but didn't have an easy way to show them when it's available how to book it. I designed a product and built the prototype using repeated feedback from 14 interviewees.


Shopping for wine is intimidating. I designed and built Unscrewed to guide you to the best wines for your money, wherever you're shopping, like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Kroger.

Consumer products


Wine clubs

Organic Wine DirectUnscrewed Explorer

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