Build a CBD brand, product line and online presence for major national retailer

Branding, product design, project manager, web design


I consult for a company selling natural foods products. One of its large, national buyers requested topical CBD products. I was tasked with creating the brand and the products.

It’s a formidable and fun challenge to create a client’s product and the overall brand. I can’t divulge the process details and discovery at this time, but here are a few thoughts and outcomes:

Trust. Trust. Trust.

I started with a focus on the target customer. Because the buyer is a very large existing retailer, their customer profile was fairly well established.

Customer profiles and personas led me to one overriding brand/product imperative: trust. CBD is a mysterious new category filled with snake oils, dubious health claims and illicit drug connotations. So the product, itself, has to be trustworthy and the brand and packaging have to feel trustworthy.

I created the name and logo above with trust in mind. Puritiva (purity + sativa) is meant to convey purity/trustworthiness of ingredients, while subtly revealing the key ingredient (“sativa” is a type of cannabis plant). “Purity”, both in name and product, is in keeping with the client’s all-natural food products and the target demo’s preference for all-natural and organic.

What does a trustworthy label look like?

When it came to packaging, my design brief for the graphics team emphasized:

Feel: Approachable, clean, pure, trustworthy

Gender: Leaning feminine

Palette: White with blue and green earth tones

Don’ts: Technical, “girly”, kitschy, cartoony, sporty

After numerous iterations, I’m happy with the final design. Trustworthy, professional without being pharmaceutical. Elegant without being too soft.

And here’s the full product line:

I then created a simple desktop and mobile website on Wordpress, which I will update for client as more product specs and final production are available.


Fun project. Having one specific wholesale customer with a specific customer base made for a pleasantly focused process. Can’t wait to see the product on shelves nationwide!