Can an Uber-for-talking make everyone involved happier?

Connection crisis

We are less connected by voice than ever. Discontent and loneliness are on the rise. What’s up?

I think we need more talking.

Hi, There connects people with an “expert” on any topic imaginable.

Great at fixing transmissions?
Let others call you about it. Turn on your HiThere light for a couple hours.

Friends value your relationship advice?
Let people call you during your 2hr commute.

Thoughtful conversationalist?
Let people who need a listener call when you’re out for a walk.

Let people who need a laugh call and practice your standup.

Know how to fix stupid fucking Wordpress glitches?
Let me call you!

Talkers always answer, “Hi, there!”

It’s free, but you can leave a donation. And rate your talker, so other users are given better and better talkers.

It’s sorta that simple. Like this:

Want to talk about it?


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