For years, I’ve wanted an easy way for you to experience the wine deals I’m lucky enough to get. 
So I built it!
Thrilled to announce Tom’s Wines. My independent wine shop on your phone.
Super simple. Looks like this:
Why a mobile app?
Speed. I built a custom app so you can be shopping in one click, checkout instantly, and quickly watch built-in videos. I want the experience to be so easy and fun that when you think about buying wine, you think of Tom’s Wines first.
Why Tom’s Wines?
My entire wine career has basically had one mission: finding people the best wines for their money. Whether it’s $8 Chianti or $80 Chablis, I look for brilliantly made wines that are also masterpieces of pricing.
I taste hundreds of wines every month. For you! Also me. Somebody really has to do it. Because there’s so much wine out there and the market is constantly evolving.
So I have importers, distributors and winemakers constantly bring wines into our shop for tasting. I Uber myself to trade tastings all over town. I request vendor samples of wines I read and hear about. And my other companies, Vinopedia and Unscrewed, literally scour the world for under-priced gems, which I request from suppliers and then badger them for deeper discounts. 
The result of all this swirling, spitting, schmoozing and Ubering is a well calibrated price-to-quality detector. Or you could call it a price-bullshit-detector (PBD). Because there are so many $50 wines that should be $15. And even more at $20 that should be $7. But you can only really know that after tasting so many different wines at so many different prices. 
Overpriced wines always have a story BTW. About their quirky, bad-ass winemaker—“No one gets malbec like our genius winemaker, Ron.” Or how famous their neighbors are—“A legendary wine was made in our zip code, so we are obviously the same.” And they’ve always won gold (even double gold! Yippee!) medals at blah-blah-blah wine competitions. We slog through these bragger wines, dump, and never buy. 
But, sometimes, in walks a pricing epiphany. A vinous angel. A wine that’s $18 but drinks like its $50 peers. These are the rare finds that make all that tasting worthwhile. 
And these are the wines I’m putting on Tom’s Wines. 
Not too many. Not too often. Just my favorite, most delicious pricing masterpieces.
AND, even better, I can often negotiate special pricing on the promise of showing them off. So you’ll almost always see the lowest price anywhere. 
Sound good? Join the family!
Cheers! 🥂
P.S. Please contact me ANY TIME with thoughts, special requests, questions!