Create a to-do list / calendar hybrid that actually works (for me)

To-do apps are still unsolved IMO. I excitedly try each one that comes out and it never does exactly what I want.

Considering we just bagged quantum supremacy, this seems dumb.


All tasks (a.k.a. to-do’s) require a time

Walk dog. Build prototype. Call Mom. Refine analytics. Write song. Model pro forma. Every to-do takes time, by definition. I want the option to associate my to-do’s with specific times. Not just due dates. Some apps do a little of this, but not remotely well enough for me to use the way I’d like.

For example, here’s how I like to use my Google calendar:

You can actually add/maneuver tasks (disguised as calendar entries) pretty easily with Google’s desktop app. But they have no relationship with tasks/to-dos. So it barely even qualifies as a hack.

Here’s what’s missing:

Tasks & times just belong together

What’s needed is a two-way synced relationship between a robust task list and a calendar. Each needs drag and drop capability internally and between each another. Tasks should be categorizable, e.g. business, personal, medical, etc. and nestable for basic project management.


Here’s my mockup to help explain. With week and month views:

Of course tasks often don’t get done on time. So you just slide them into the next available space or decouple them from the calendar and try again later. Or you can set the calendar to automatically…


FaT (Find-a-Time)

This is a fun feature. Find-a-Time. For any given task or group of tasks, you can click the FaT button. Based on the “available” hours you’ve pre-set for each category, e.g. home, errands, work, etc., the FaT will look for the next available window that fits and slot the task into the time.

Build this, please!

I need this app yesterday! Smart Sheet, I’m looking at you. Love you, but can’t believe you haven’t done this yet. Google, I’m not surprised…but still. How about you let calendar changes made in GCal sync backward??

Talk to me about this.